Bitcoin (BTC): University professor predicts the demise of cryptocurrency

According to the predictions of a professor of trade policy at Cornell University, bitcoin (BTC) will disappear. Its disappearance could happen in a few years. However, one element could survive. Which one? According to the professor, it will be his technology, the blockchain. Blockchain will remain the legacy of cryptocurrency, Dr. Eswar Prasad revealed in an interview.

Bitcoin may be able to regain control of the currency market.

The world's most traded cryptocurrency will beat currencies issued by central banks as the dominant form of the financial sector worldwide, in less than 30 years, a committee of financial technology professionals has confirmed

France - Covid-19 : The recall book will be mandatory at the entrance of bars, restaurants and gyms

In france, From June 9, the government will encourage the use of the TousAntiCovid  Signal application to scan “QR Codes” at the entrance to these establishments.

France - Covid-19: compulsory quarantine to enter France extended to Bahrain, Colombia, Costa Rica and Uruguay

Brazil, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkey and Pakistan are already affected by this measure.